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Casting Call: BAME Female aged 18-30 yrs old Needed! Apply Now

Casting Call: BAME Male Actor 18-28 yrs old Needed!

‘I was so hungry to get a screen job’ Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge looks back at This Time Last Year

Casting Call: BAME Male Needed 18-25 yrs For Upcoming Production!

‘I had just been represented by United Agents’ Ella Bennett reflects on where she was This Time Last Year

Casting Call: BAME Female Aged 18-25 yrs Needed For Upcoming Production!

‘I realised I was just a small piece in the ensemble of the crew’ Marcus Rutherford #DAILIES

Casting Call: BAME Male 16-25 yrs old Needed!

‘I was going to be something beyond the archetype of where I grew up’ Adeyemi Michael #DAILIES

‘We were lucky enough to go and work in the states’ Richard Kattah looks back at This Time Last Year

Casting Call: BAME Male Needed 25-35 yrs Needed! Apply Now

‘I was definitely a bit too confident starting the process’ Shaq B Grant recalls his first content

‘Dark Red’ [Branded Short Film] by Eugen Merher; Starring Ethosheia Hylton and Jeremiah Waysome

‘Losing My Home In The Name of Regeneration’: A Poetic [Short Film] by Joelle Mae David

Casting Call: BAME Female Actress 18-30 yrs old Needed For Upcoming Production!

‘I’ve never seen someone who has such hunger’ Kayode Ewumi & Thea Gajic Live Q+A

Casting Call: BAME Male aged 18-28 yrs old Needed For Upcoming Production

ITV2 Timewasters’ Samson Kayo and Daniel Lawrence Taylor Have A Dance Off in ‘Who’s Most Likely To…?’ game with Heat Magazine

“I Wanted to Show A Side of Freddie Mercury When the Cameras are Off.” – David Avery on His Role As Freddie Mercury in ‘Urban Myths’ III

‘I took a lot of risks’ Sebastian Thiel & Frieda Thiel share their story to success | Active HPF Sessions

Casting Call: BAME Female 18-25 yrs Needed

‘I got to a place where I really had to get to know myself’ Shaq B Grant’s Story #DAILIES

Casting call: Asian Female 18-32 yrs old Needed for Upcoming Production!

‘I was focusing on what I wanted to do next as an actor’ Leo Watson-Roberts on This Time Last Year

‘You always have to start somewhere, even if that’s just your phone’ Richard Kattah on My First Content

Casting Call: BAME Female Needed! Apply Here

‘I was working on my first short play production’ Tamzin Murray looks back at This Time Last Year

Casting Call: BAME Female Needed for Upcoming Production!

‘We knew that this project was going to touch lives’ Richard Kattah discusses Amani and more #DAILIES

Casting Call: Black Male Needed 16-22 yrs old

‘The most interesting challenge I faced as an actor was overcoming fear’ Tamzin Murray #DAILIES

Casting Call: 1 Black Male Required For An Upcoming Production!

‘Acting started as just something I found fun’ Leo Watson-Roberts shares his acting journey #DAILIES

‘I feel like after that, everything was in the thousands’ Tom Moutchi recalls his humble beginnings

Casting Call: Black Female 17-25 yrs Needed For Upcoming Production

‘My first time on set I was so gassed!’ Osy Ikhile discusses his acting career and more #DAILIES

Casting Call: Black Male 18-25 yrs old Needed For Upcoming Production!

‘I’ve learnt that life really is about relationships’ Tom Moutchi reflects on his year

Mandeep Dhillon Promotes Ricky Gervais’ ‘Afterlife’

Ashley Walters’ Q&A at Audio ID

‘The Good Boy’ [Short Film] by Jem Karto

‘North Pier’ [Short Film] Trailer by Dylan Howell

Lashana Lynch on Breakfast Television Toronto

‘I remember being in my cousins house planning on how we were going to make it’ Tom Moutchi #DAILIES

Casting call: Black / Asian Female Needed!

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The Bee-Eaters [Short Film] Trailer by Thomas Bird

‘Yesterday’; Starring Himesh Patel & Lily James

Porters II: Susan Wokoma, Claudia Jessie & Edward Easton Answer A+E Questions

FAMALAM x Comic Relief

Aml Ameen’s Interview at BUILD NYC

Damson Idris Spills A Little Tea on Snowfall III

Jade Anouka Gives Tips, Tricks and Insight into Acting

Chiwetel Ejiofor Speaks On His Directional Debut ‘The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind’

‘North Pier’ [Short Film] Teaser Trailer by Dylan Howell

Captain Marvel: Lashana Lynch Interview

Daniel Ezra Talks About Playing a Living Legend in CW’s ‘All American’

‘Barber Fight’ [Short Film] by Blake Ridder

‘3 Minutes’ [Short Film] by Tayyib Mahmood

‘V’ [Short Film] by Jimmy Dean; Written/Produced by Ellie Gocher

Idris Elba Hosts SNL (Saturday Night Live)

Captain Marvel World Premiere: Lashana Lynch’s Interview

Fatherhood [Short Film] by Iggy LDN

‘I learnt the importance of collaboration’ Ella Bennett | My First Content