BBC gives ‘Green Light’ to Award winning Novel about dying days of Slavery

BBC One has given the green light to a three-part adaptation of Andrea Levy’s epic, award-winning novel about the dying days of slavery in Jamaica, ‘The Long Song’.

The British-Jamaican author’s Long Song (published in 2010) was written as a memoir by an elderly Jamaican woman living in early 19th century Jamaica during the final years of slavery- Interesting right!

In her own words the amazing novelist Andrea Levy says “I am particularly happy to have my novel, The Long Song, adapted by Heyday and the BBC. This untold story from Britain’s complex past in the Caribbean will be a period drama like no other,”.- This sounds a project you don’t want to miss!

The BBC have planned a 3-part mini-series for The Long Song to be produced by Heyday Television for BBC One.

As the process has only just begun in making this untold 3 part series, make sure you check out the book and for more information on this fantastic news click HERE!