Luther the Movie starring Idris Elba!! ”Movie still planned” – says Creator Neil Cross

Luther the Movie ! This isn’t a joke!

During a press conference Idris Elba said: “I’m far from done. He’s one of the characters that I love and have some say in where he goes. That’s enjoyable as a producer. I don’t see myself turning my back on it. I think there are various ways of dissecting Luther, from theatre to film. I don’t see why not.” – we don’t either!

And for all those that lost hope, the Creator of Luther stated “I start coming up with ideas, and we always come back for more. For no other reason than we love doing it.” – Neil Cross.

So fret not people, we can assure you that although Idris is on high demand like never before in his career, Luther is coming back soon as a movie that we can all enjoy with some popcorn and Tango Ice blast – Sounds fun!

So stay tuned and be on the look out for the Movie – Idris you are too good to us honestly! #Ourstar

In the meantime go and watch Mollys Game (2017) in in cinemas now Starring Idris Elba – Haven’t heard of it? Check out our recent post of the Trailer HERE!

Enjoy !