NO.1 Box Office ‘Adulthood’ Finally Receives Royalties – 10 Years Later

Congratulations Clarke!

So round about this time last year film maker Noel Clarke was directing what was a hit No.1 Blockbuster Adulthood (2008)!

Noel tweeted this afternoon letting us in on his new amazing achievement with Adulthood – Finally!

He stated: “For people that claim to know my business. On these December days 10yrs ago I was directing a little movie called Adulthood. It was a BO #No1. This morning I received an email saying that finally the film had hit a financial place where I would see some royalties from it. 10yrs” – What an achievement!

Clarke also states the hardships faced as a film maker. He went on to say; “10yrs. That’s how the business works for anyone who thinks people in film just get cheques every 2nd day for loads of money. You are mistaken. Especially with indie films”. – Loving the realness Noel!

We are definitely proud of Clarke and the doors that he has opened for many in the film industry!

We are also pleased to announce that Noel will be starring in 10×10 (2018) and Mute (2018) in the new year- Exciting stuff!

Stay tuned!