Need Funding? Here are 3 Film Funds you NEED to know about!

The film industry is known to be very difficult when starting out, not only does it cost a lot of time to create content but funding a project is also a huge hurdle that many face, but we are here to help!

This article will give all you film makers 3 Film funds that you should keep an eye out for!

1) Film London – London Calling / London Calling Plus
As a short film scheme, London Calling, is proud to be a partner of BFI Network. The scheme nurtures and champions the capital’s most exciting breakthrough filmmaking talent with a comprehensive package of production funding, training and expert mentoring. A great opportunity for talented film makers!
For more information on how to receive funding click HERE!

2) BFI – Loads
The BFI is the lead organisation for film in the UK. It distributes Lottery funds for film and has a wide range of support schemes for film funding including: Development funding; Production funding; Completion funding; and First feature funding for new and emerging directors, writers and producers!
For more information on how to receive funding click HERE

3) Creative England – Have a look and see!
Creative England supports a range of content creators to realise their potential and bring exciting film and TV projects to life! The platform has a range of financial support for new film makers from short films to features!
For more information on how to receive funding click HERE!

So there you have it film makers! 3 Film funds that you can look into which should help you make your films with the right financial support!

REMEMBER THIS…. If you’re unsuccessful to any of these funds PLEASE still try and make your project (where there’s a will there’s a way!)

Hope this has been helpful guys!