The Amazing Red Planet Prize! Calling all Screenwriters!

Red Planet Pictures, in partnership with ITV Drama, have launched The Red Planet Prize 2018. We are searching for writing talent who can create fresh and inspiring popular drama content. The winner of The Red Planet Prize, initially launched in 2007, will get a script commission and development opportunities with ITV.

Writers will be asked to think big, think bold, think how they can make their idea stand out in a competitive marketplace!

Writers will be required to submit:
• an existing original spec script, full length and could be for any medium; TV, film, radio, theatre
• a one/two-page pitch for an original TV serial/series idea for ITV
• a short CV highlighting any previous writing credits (these are not essential to enter)

If writers wish to submit the same idea for their spec script and pitch then this cannot be in development with anyone else.

This year’s Prize winner will be produced by Kate Rowland, who set up the BBC Writersroom! Fantastic!

Screenwriters must be based in the UK and the original TV idea should not be in development with another broadcaster or production company.

The deadline for entry is 9am on Monday 12th February. Please take your time to go over your submission before entering. We want the best from you! Click here to apply!

Good luck to you all!