Casting Call! RM Moses is Casting Lead and Supporting Roles For His Feature Film!

After releasing Pride and Pack, RM Moses who’s one of the most hardworking filmmakers in our scene is now working on his feature ‘Runaway Sparks’! Full details are below:



A coming of age crime thriller where loyalty and integrity are the most valuable currency you can have. Following Levi, who joins a young group of free-spirited and reckless teenagers, we see how twisted and dark life can get when lines become blurred.

This notorious community have nothing to do all day and no income, so they take what they want and destroy every hurdle infront of them. With Levi’s loyalty in question, he has to make a decision whether or not to fully commit himself to the lifestyle. But either decision comes with incredible consequences.


RAE (Female Lead)

Rae is the leader of the gang. Strong, intimidating and volatile. She lives off the grid with her sisters and she is an opposer to the government, being an activist for data protection.

Playing age: 18 – 22

Ethnicity: Caucasian / Mediterranean / Asian

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NICKY (Male Supporting)

Nicky is the step-brother to Levi. He is very stubborn but charming and sneaky. He doesn’t get along with Levi but he still tries to make living with him enjoyable. Though they don’t see eye to eye, he always has Levi’s back.

 Playing age: 18 – 25

 Ethnicity: Caucasian / European


BAILEY (Female Lead)

Bailey is the free spirit and angelic sister of Rae. At times, a bit insecure, she has been mistreated by men in her past because of her naivety. All she does is dream of being in love and having a family.

Playing age: 18 – 22

Ethnicity: Caucasian / Mixed Race / Asian

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