Need Actors, Writers, Crew or Locations for your Next Project? Post Your Casting Calls With Us Now!

It’s definitely an exciting time for our industry and with all the projects you’ve got planned this year, we know you’re going to need a wide range of actors, writers, crew and locations to really bring it to life… So we thought we’d help!

We’re now opening up the platform for you to post your own call-outs for people (or resources) you may need!

If you’d like us to put a call out then get in touch with us at with the following information:

  • Email subject: ‘Your Cinema – Call-out’
  • Description of what you need
  • Description of your project
  • What applicants will need to send you
  • Contact details for submissions
  • Deadline for submissions
  • Any further resources applicants may need for reference (i.e. links to a snippet of a script)

Looking forward to seeing all these new projects taking place!