Casting Call: Male and Female Actors Required For Short Film

Here are the details for Mathieu Ajan’s latest short film ‘Toothpick’ – Details below!

Female: Dark Complexion, – Acting Age – Early 20’s.
Profile: Student – Smart, Focused. Youngest of three sisters. Self assured, subtle, apprehensive, awkward, reserved, smart, straight talking, independent. Emotionally reserved.
Musical Interests – D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Kendrick Lamar

Male: Black male, Acting Age – Early 20’s.
Profile: Student – Carefree, Doesn’t take himself too seriously, Warm, He is wisecracking, has a strong sense of humour, is easy-going and smart.
Musical Interests – J Cole, D’Angelo, Big Sean.

Male 2: Black – Acting Age – Early 20’s.
Profile: Student. Known to his friends as the ringleader. Cold, Passive Aggressive, Impatient, Rough, Overpowering, Intimidating.

Group of Boys – Black – Early 20’s – Laddish

Group of Girls – Black – Early 20’s – Light/Fair Skinned – Slim Build
Musical Interests: Nicki Minaj, Bryson Tiller, Rihanna

For more information or to submit your interest, please email with your details, headshot and show reel or spotlight profile.