LONGFIELD DRIVE [Short Film] Directed by Kiosa Sukami

A dark political Crime Drama set in Oakland USA that looks to explore the sensitive issue of police racial profiling and shootings that plague the continent filmed in the style of one continuous take. An intolerant veteran police officer Dawson (Erick Hayden) is paired up with a novice officer Howard (Harry Eden) as they blow off a domestic disturbance call to take a break at a local diner, only to have to confront a group of unruly African-American teenagers (Khali Best, Baba Oyejide, Chance Perdomo & Devante Johnson) on a cold evening in Oakland, California. PRODUCER – Yu Heng Tao WRITER/DIRECTOR – Kiosa Sukami DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Jean Dakar CO-DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY – Junior Alawa PRODUCTION DESIGNER – Chloe Brown COSTUME DESIGNER – Amy Thomson MAKEUP ARTIST – Kate Wakefield SOUND MIXER – Pawitra Sukhawathanakul SOUND DESIGNER – Lorenzo Bramati EDITOR – David Muchenje COLORIST – Dan Carney