Casting Call: Male & Female Actors Needed For Collaborative Feature Film

Casting is taking place for a short feature film that will be made collaboratively with other creatives this Summer.

Details are as follows:

Deadline: 18th August 2018

Location: West Midlands

Shoot Dates: Late August/Early September (depending on availability)


JESS : Female, 20-26, Any appearance.
Jess knows her own mind and won’t be told by anyone. She is a loyal friend, and has no problem speaking the truth, or sensing the truth out of others.

ETHAN : Male, 20-26, Any Appearance.
Ethan is a clever, witty and sometimes panic-stricken person. He speaks his mind, even if it is a little embarrassing to say out loud! He is very much a voice of sensibility in the film.

JAMIE : Male, 20-28, Any Appearance.
Jamie is a bit of a Lad with a good heart. He is in a relationship with one of the girls, and takes initiative when all seems lost. He is driven by emotion, and puts up walls to hide it.

MICHAEL : Male, 18-28, Any Appearance.
Michael is quiet and (creative licence) quirky. He comes out of his shell throughout the feature, and meets the group on unusual circumstances.

DCI BAKEWELL : Male or Female,30-48, Any Appearance.
A highly professional but ambitious detective. She/He has a determination to find justice, and the culprit.

SANDRA:Female, 35-50, Any Appearance.
Sandra is a shy, quiet individual. She has emotive maternal instinct, and has two children, whom she can’t fully protect.

LOLA : Female, 18-26, Any Appearance.
Lola is a listener, and knows when to speak. She has a good moral compass. Strong emotive acting needed.

If you aren’t very flexible, a student, or wanting some experience- please get in touch if you would like to be an extra for half a day. We have some scenes where you would be very appreciated!

If you’d like to apply to any of the roles, contact (Female roles) and (Male roles) with the title as ABATEMENT, state which character(s) you’re interested in, along with a showreel/cv