3 Films We Want To See Tosin Cole Star In…

If you guys don’t know who Tosin Cole is then you’ve most definitely been living under rock.  The British actor first blessed our TV screens in 2010 BBC drama The Cut, then EastEnders:E20, Hollyoaks and now he’s landed himself a role in the eleventh series of Doctor Who. We’ll have you know that Tosin’s actually no stranger to the Sci-fi scene, as he briefly appeared in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Despite his success and the varied roles he’s played, here are a few other storylines and characters we’d selfishly want him to play:
FILM 1: We’re thinking ‘action drama’. Tosin would be a bent Detective Sergeant who compromises a major operation that his team have been working on for years.

Who would direct it? Mr Kashman Harris. The man is honestly a jack of all trades – you name it, he can do it. He’s a writer, producer, first assistant director and filmmaker. It’s also been said that whatever he touches turns into gold.

Who would be his right-hand man? Most definitely Calvin Demba. I know you’re probably thinking most of his characters show him being selfless and pretty laid back but who would suspect an innocent face?
Not us for sure!

Romantic interest? We think Thea Gajic would be a great fit. Her ability to flawlessly adjust to any character is completely refreshing.

FILM 2: A rom-com which involves Tosin moving to London and staying with a distant relative. His parents are under the assumption that he is keen to further his education. However, his mission is actually to meet a girl he’s fallen in love with online.

Who would direct it? Who better than Mr Sebastian Thiel. I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen the great work he did with his show “just a couple” (If you haven’t, we suggest you go and check it out). The comedic mini-series alongside the numerous work he’s done in the past speaks volumes.

Who would star alongside him? We think Daniel Ezra would be the ideal person to play the distance relatives’ son. After watching him in the pilot for Kayode Ewumi’s Enterprice, it’s clear he can play that annoying little cousin (sorry Daniel). Also from the character he played in ‘The missing’, not only would he be the one to find out about Tosin’s secret mission, he’d also help him find his online love in real life.

Romantic interest? We’re going for Letitia Wright because this lady does everything right. A tad cheesy we know, but she would just be perfect for the
part. She’s played some seriously impressive characters and wasn’t nominated for an Emmy for no reason.

FILM 3: A comedy that will have us all laughing till our stomach hurts!

Who would direct it? When we think of funny directors, the talented Quason Matthews springs to mind. Quason’s online comedy-drama ‘My fake valentine’ had us in complete stitches as most of us could definitely relate to the storyline. So, If you haven’t seen it already, it’s a must that you do!

Who would star alongside him? Let’s just say one of his characters were known for wearing a black leather jacket without a shirt… alongside an infamous lisp.
That’s right!
We’re talking about Mr Kayode Ewumi. This talented individual is just in a league of his own and is absolutely hilarious.

Romantic interest? Definitely the fearless Michaela Coel. Her humour has no limits and we could just imagine her and Tosin being in a funny awkward relationship.

The new series of Doctor Who will be hitting our TV screens on 7th October 2018. We can’t wait to see Tosin in action!