Casting Call: Males and Females Needed! (Over 10 Roles Available)

Hey guys, here’s a casting for an upcoming production, full details are below:

Kyle: Black, late 20s, confident Dad who loves his son, he hates confrontation but will also do anything for his son

Woman: White, 20+, has been through a traumatic experience (small role)

Brianna: Black or mixed race (of any ethnicity), 26, a passionate mother who’s balancing life alone whilst trying to enjoy life. She’s still in love with the father of their child, even though they are no longer together

Sampha: Black or mixed race (of any ethnicity), 6 yrs, a mummy’s girl, she’s sweet but very proTective of her

Kim: Any ethnicity, 25+, she’s the best friend of Brianna, a loud, bold character with a loving heart who’s always there to support Brianna

Malcom: Black, 28 yrs, height 5″8+, nice smile, well-known in the area, very good looking, many women find him attractive, a player, not the settling down type, ready for fun and benefits, no strings

Denel: Any ethnicity, 28+ yrs, height 5″8 plus, Malcom’s friend, slim build, attractive, laid back, down for whatever

Sen: Any ethnicity, friend of Kyle, the voice of reason, down for his friend, supports Kyle in being the best he can be

PC Kent: No preference of ethnicity, middle-age, he’s a man on a mission and he’s very much about his job!

Guy 1: Any ethnicity, 20+ yrs, in the know about everything on the estate

Guy 2: Any ethnicity, 20+ yrs, friends with Guy 1, he’s also in the know about everything in the estate (minimal lines)

Toomba: Any ethnicity, middle aged (50+ yrs), hippy style, spiritual and knows a lot, very mysterious and private, he has an accent

Anne Collines: Any ethnicity, middle-aged, conservative and rigid

Shanice: Any ethnicity, 26 yrs, independent, secretive, gets on with life

Extras (no lines): Neighbours, police officers, Ryan (7 yrs)

There are many roles available and if you’d like to apply then send over your Spotlight profile, actor’s CV, 2 recent headshots and a link to your showreel (if available) to (stating the role you’re applying for in the subject)

The deadline for your entry is 12pm 23.11.18 so APPLY TODAY!