WATCH NOW: Spirit of Christmas [Short Film] By Quason Matthews & Lauren Cato

Quason Matthews and Lauren Cato release ‘Spirit of Christmas’ a seasonal short film where a family have an unexpected guest turn up for their Christmas meal…

Directed by Quason Matthews
Written by Lauren Cato

Christopher Barrett – Dad
Siannae Anderson – Rachel
Kerisha Brown Allen – Ria
Danyal Tye – Homeless Man
Dave Cato – Uncle Dave

Why they made the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ (words from Quason Matthews & Lauren Cato):

“We’ve wanted to make a Christmas project for a long while now. This story in particular came about quite randomly, but while thinking of ideas we began to discuss the subject of homelessness. We thought it would be interesting to explore what would happen if a family decided to open their home up to someone less fortunate.. Our main goal with ‘Spirit of Christmas’ was to show people something different and to leave the audience with a positive message. We hope we’ve done this story justice and it can help to start a conversation on what we can all be doing to help those less fortunate than us.”