Capture [Short Film]

??????? ?- What if there was a cure for every disease in the world? This technology exists and is intended for the elite but all of that is about to change! A distressed young woman is on the run after stealing the world’s most advanced breakthrough in technology and medicine. Who can help her evade capture?!

Directed by Alex Igbanoi

Written by Dee William

Original story by Dee William, Alex Igbanoi and Andre Fyffe.

Produced ?‍?by Andre Fyffe, Alex igbanoi, Jahrome Scott-Brereton, Zane Smythe

D.O.P ? Zoran Veljkovic

Starring: Afsaneh Dehrouyeh, Andre Fyffe, Fuat Hussain, Ali Yasin, Rachael Oriowo, Rae Owyer, Michael Speller, Yung Nguyen

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