Casting Call: Males & Females Needed For Short Film Directed by Quason Matthews!

Hey guys

In the Spirit of a strong work ethic, we have an open casting call for another short film directed by Quason Matthews!

Males and females are required for upcoming film ‘At Play’ and the breakdown is as follows:


Race: Black (dark-skinned)

Age: 18-23yrs

Character description: Dennis is a smooth, clean and charismatic young man who dresses well and loves the ladies


Race: Black (light-skinned) / Mixed race

Age: 18-23yrs

Character description: David is scruffy and scandalous. He’s got no filter and is a strong advocate for Dennis’ behaviour with the ladies


Race: Black

Age: 18-23yrs

Character description: Simon and Dennis have been best friends for years and he wants the best for him. He’s very caring and doesn’t waiver in the principles he’s been brought up with. He’s stylish like Dennis but opposes his treatment of the opposite sex


Race: Black

Age: 18-23yrs

Character description: Samantha is sweet and somewhat shy but she has a cheeky side to her. She has a weakness for nice guys after having her heart broken at 15.


Race: Asian

Age: 18-23yrs

Character description: Amara and Samantha have recently become friends and she’s very bubbly and sociable. She’s very care-free and enjoys life in the moment!


If you’d like to apply to any of these roles please send your headshots, CV, Spotlight profile and any links of your work with the the Subject: ‘AT PLAY’ and the name of the character you’re applying for to:

The deadline for applications is Friday 18th Jan 10pm