‘Two Dosas’ [Short Film] by Sarmad Masud; Starring Himesh Patel, Martin Delaney and Sharif Islam

Himesh Patel may be in ‘Yesterday’ and has already starred in ‘The Fox’, but in 2014, the former ‘Eastenders’ actor stars in this light-hearted romantic comedy by Sarmad Masud, whose current film ‘My Pure Land’ is getting critically acclaimed across the international film circuit.

The comedy ‘Two Dosas’ has gone forward to win five awards including London Calling Plus, Shuffle Award by legendary Danny Boyle and the Aspen Award.

It follows a Indian teacher recalling his account of his date with a English Rose (played by Eleanor Wyld) to his other colleagues during his lunchbreak. It’s cleverly witty, funny with the light emphasis on Bollywood aesthetics.

Have a watch now above.


Director – Sarmad Masud 
Producer – Rachelle Constant 
Screenwriter – Nikesh Shukla & Sarmad Masud 
Editor – Ricky Milling 
Director of Photography – Richard Dunton 
Production Designer – Caroline Bailey 
Sound – Vicente Villaescusa 
Music – Breton Vivian 
Principal Cast – 
Himesh Patel, Eleanor Wyld, Martin Delaney, Dean Palinczuk, Jeff Mirza, Omar Khan, Javed Khan