‘Divided We Scroll’ [Short Film] by Klaas Diersmann

The Barbican returns once again with another provocative short by Klaas Diersman that places the emphasis of our attachment of ‘endless scrolling’ for the arts/culture institution (Barbican) for Life Rewired Shorts.

With no dialouge present, this short film uses the sense of movement and eerie digital music to set the tone of the current mood of society’s attachment with digital. Yes, it’s a great thing surely using advance technology as it’s a signal that we’re transitioning from the modern, to the digital age. However, being digital has become more in a sense like a peril, and the dancers use choreography to emphasis a sense of neuro-sickness-rewired to scrolling.

We’re seeing this new trend of combining arts and film i.e. creating experimental film content. Georgia Parris (with her feature ‘Mari’) and Lanre Malaolu are just a few names that using choreography in their film-making as a catalyst to show emotion and tell a story. Diersmann follows this new emerging trend of our scary marriage to scrolling and the lack of initiative to divorce ourselves from it.