Introducing the Give-back Sessions! | FREE Events For Our Members!

As some of you may know, we have a membership service which provides a variety of opportunities and information for you.

One aspect we’re now excited to announce are our EXCLUSIVE members’ only events which will begin this month with our very own ‘Give-back’ sessions!

Give-back sessions are special Q+As and industry talks where we’ll have people who are really smashing it in the industry give up 1 hour of their time to give back to YOU and help you get further within this industry.

If you’re an actor who’s struggling in a particular area, a director with no team, a writer with writer’s block or a creative who just wants to learn and NETWORK then this is the place for you!

We’ll be putting on a few sessions this month and the first we’re able to announce is an exclusive Q+A with award-winning directors, Koby Adom, Adjani Salmon and Tomisin Adejepu!!!

Between them they’ve won over 30 awards and they’ll be sharing how they maintain the high standards we see across their work and how they’ve made the transition from filmmaking being a hobby to being signed to some of the most reputable agencies in the UK.

We’ll also have BAFTA-nominated Samson Kayo taking a session from 3pm who will be answering all your writer/actor questions!

Please note: This is also an opportunity for you to directly ask our amazing panelists ANY questions as well as networking with others after.

Tickets are absolutely FREE for our Gold members and if you’d like to become a gold member you can simply click HERE

Details are as follows:

Saturday 29th June


Gnome House

7 Blackhorse Lane


E17 6DS

Please note: There are only 120 spaces for this session so tickets will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To secure your ticket please ensure you’re a GOLD MEMBER and email with the following subject: GIVE-BACK SESSIONS: 2PM – YOUR NAME

And please include the following within your email:

  • Your full name
  • The email used to sign up for membership

If you have any questions you can reach us at 

We look forward to seeing you on the 29th!