‘CLOSER’ [Short Film] by Drew Cox; Starring Nicholas Pinnock, Leanne Best & Connor O Flynn

‘I did not want the film to be an inspirational overcoming story where the hero wins the girl at the end and everything ends happily ever after, as this just wasn’t truthful to my experience…’

Drew Cox presents a film that first begins with trauma before progressing to hope; with a star-studded cast to present the themes of mental health.

Pinnock takes on a more vulnerable role from his common characters played in shows such as ‘Counterpart’, ‘Marcella’ and ‘Criminal’. Yet – he still delivers a breakthrough performance as the main protagonist in this story that breathes the message that no matter how dark, there’s still light at the end of that tunnel.

It sheds light on men’s mental health, fatherhood and we say again, hope.

Watch now.


Starring Nicholas Pinnock, Leanne Best & Connor o Flynn

Written, directed and edited by Drew Cox

Produced by Ryan Elliott

Executive producer Nicholas Pinnock

DOP Charlie Goodger

1st AD Bailey Marks

Art Director Marie Kennedy

1st AC Kit Mckenzie

Camera Assistant Samuel Bebbington

Gaffer Dan Maccormick

Colour by Jax Harney

Hair & Makeup by Lucy Keel

Costume by Rachel Gold

Production assistant Sofia Elliott