Lion King grossed £36 Mil in 2 weeks?!! Here’s our Full UK Box-office Report!

 A Flaming Hot Week For Film & The Lion Is King of The Top Spot

UK Top Ten Box Office Sales | 26th – 28th July 

38 degress! Thirty-eight degress! I was sweating! My ice-cream was sweating, five minutes after purchase it was like milkshake in a cone. Do you know who stayed cool? Those of you that went to the cinemas to watch a singing lion fall of a cliff (spoilers), or sentient toys run around the yard or a boy with a spider-bite wound swing across several cities without a liscence. 

I’m not hating! I must admit, it was a smart move. For those who were at BBQs or became the BBQ in the roasting heat, I present you with the Your Cinema Box Office Report: 

1. The Lion King | £10,660,287 from 721 cinemas | Total: £36,889,089 (2 weeks) 

2. Toy Story 4 | £2,525,048 from 675 cinemas | Total: £51,622, 538 (6 weeks) 

3. Spider-Man: Far From Home | £1,714,153 from 586 cinemas | Total: £30,564,287 (4 weeks) 

4. Andre Rieu 2019…| £1,492,154 from 587 cinemas | Total: £1,492,154 (new) 

5. Yesterday | £613,000 from 512 cinemas | Total: £11,066,534 (5 weeks) 

6. Horrible Histories: The Movie… | £609,490 from 516 cinemas | Total: £609,490 (new) 

7. Anabelle Comes Home | £496,373 from 441 cinemas | Total: £4,973,900 (3 weeks) 

8. The Current War | £454,677 from 487 cinemas | Total: £454, 677 (new) 

9. Casino Royale (Secret Cinema 2019) | £361,831 from 1 cinema | Total: £4,058,602 (8 weeks) 

10. Aladdin | £179,492 from 262 cinemas | Total: £36,012,063 (10 weeks) 

That’s right, Queen Bee is now a lioness and Donald Glover went from ‘This is America’ to ‘This is Pride Rock’. As artists they are already fierce, so as the lion love interests Simba and Nala they own the narrative to euphonious harmonies complimented by beautiful backdrops. It’s the nostalgic adventure we’ve been waiting to relive in live action. Oh, you thought Aladdin was? In just two weeks The Lion King has grossed a total of almost 37 million! Thirty-seven million! Surpassing Aladdin’s current 36 million accumulated in 10 weeks of showing. 

Spider-Man: Far From Home and Toy Story 4 have been holding onto the top 3 spot since their release early this month. Now that schools are on that all-important summer break it’s no surprise that Toy Story has rooted itself in second place. Now it’s time for kids to fill the seats instead of us grown-ups trying to connect with the innocence of our pasts. 

Last week Yesterday was higher than it is today but that may change by tomorrow… Allow me to rephase that. Yesterday – the movie directed by Danny Boyle famous for his entrapping 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire – was 4th place for two weeks running but has dropped to 5th in its 5th week showing. It sits just above Horrible Histories: The Movie – Rotten Romans which is doing something Remarkably Right in just it’s first week in cinemas. It’s a battle between UK box-offices, with names like Nick Frost and Sex And The City’s Kim Cattrall I think Horrible Histories will come out on top by next week. 

What do you think? 

Be sure to check in next time to find out, until then… let me enjoy this milkshake.