You only have 7 days To watch series 1 of Kayode Ewumi’s Enterprice… | @Kayewumi

Now as you may already know Kayode Ewumi’s BBC3 show ‘Enterprice’ featuring himself, Thea Gajic, Demmy Ladipo and many more has been renewed for series 2! (If you don’t know where have you been!)

One thing we also realised is there are only 7 more days for you to watch the first series before it’s removed from iPlayer!

Now it would be amazing to have this extended but unfortunately you’ve got less than 168 hours to relieve Jerry and Kazim’s escapades of getting their business venture off the ground.

So yeah… Watch it again (and again) over on iPlayer before it’s too late!

Sidenote: We wonder they why actually have an online shelf life for this show? Wait is this the case for everything on iPlayer??? Is Kayode gona do merchandise for this series? Questions, Questions!