Box-office report: It’s a new month! With a new film back at the top spot!

Welcome to September!

2020 is really in three months. Crazy right? How many of you stuck to your new year’s resolutions? If you didn’t, why did you make your targets so difficult? Mine was easy ‘watch more movies’ and with a whole load of new films being released every week, I’d say I’ve done quite well.

August had a lot to offer! R.I.P to a fantastic month for film, let us honour her by looking at the final Top Ten results for the month:

  1. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood | £1,841,873 from 697 cinemas | Total: £16,395,349 (3 weeks)
  2. The Lion King | £1,226,965 from 656 cinemas | Total: £71,715,237 (7 weeks)
  3. Angel Has Fallen | £1,187,094 from 557 cinemas | Total: £4,536,490 (2 weeks)
  4. Dora & The Lost City of Gold | £622,872 from 587 cinemas | Total: £4,057,439 (3 weeks)
  5. Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw | £610,479 from 426 cinemas | Total: £19,078,869 (5 weeks)
  6. Toy Story 4 | £577,501 from 576 cinemas | Total: £63,815,055 (11 weeks)
  7. Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark | £484,600 from 429 cinemas | Total: £1,649,543 (2 weeks)
  8. Casino Royale (Secret Cinema 2019) | £340,919 from 1 cinema | Total: £6,598,593 (13 weeks)
  9. Good Boys | £307,668 from 351 cinemas | Total: £2,537,827 (3 weeks)
  10. The Informer | £301,424 from 450 cinemas | Total: £301,424 (new)

As it’s a new month, I’m feeling to do something different. I’ve compared this chart with last week’s and have identified how many places a select film has either risen or fallen. I then went online and on social media to see audience reaction to these films to help you decide which ones you should go and see.

Once Upon A time in Hollywood (↑ 1)

Back to the top spot after taking a break last week, this movie has generated a total of over £16 million in three weeks. Reaction to this movie has been interesting. Even die-hard Tarantino fans are split on opinion. It isn’t your average blood spraying, intricate-looping-plot structured movie like Kill Bill, Pulp Fiction or Django. Instead, this movie operates as a homage to Hollywood, highlighting the glory and hardships of life on set. So far, fans of late 60’s America have adored this film stating that it’s so unlike anything else it has become a genre of its own. Others think it’s the strength of the cast, namely Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt that contributes to the movie’s success.

Angel Has Fallen (↓ 2)

It’s still on our top 3 spot despite dropping down two places! This movie is also respected for its casting however many agree that Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman are the only reasons that this film is doing so well. Movie-goers are calling the screenplay ‘unoriginal’ and the CGI ‘terrible’ with slanted handheld camera shots and shaky effects. Those who did enjoy the experience say the critique is too harsh, claiming that the story wasn’t meant to be ground-breaking but offers humour and twists which make it the best addition to the now three-part franchise.

Dora and The Lost City of Gold (↑ 2)

Jumping out of 6th place into 4th is Dora. I have figured out exactly why this movie has climbed back up the ranks! It’s because you all slept on this movie! Apparently, you all thought this would be ‘trash’. Then you went to see it and saw that Isabela Moner didn’t do a bad job bringing this character to life. The main complaint about this movie – the overuse of fart jokes – but the overall majority were blown away.

Scary Stories to Tell in The Dark (↓ 2)

Many praised this film for being an excellent adaptation of the books. As mentioned last week, this is a film that brings the creepy illustrations of Stephen Gammel to the big screen. Unfortunately, what the movie lacks is a real fear factor. If you’re going to see this film hoping to be completely terrified, firstly remember that it is only rated a 15. That aside, the actors are well selected, and the story is told within a watchable run-time of just under two hours.

The Informer (New)

I came across this comment under the trailer on YouTube: ‘If you want a film that gives you actual story over mindless hot-headed CGI action, then give this one a chance.’ They are completely right. This is a film that handles a complex plot with competence. Joel Kinnaman and Rosamund Pike adopt roles which are unlike their previous performances. If you loved Kinnaman in Robocop or Pike in Gone Girl, then I suggest you put this next on your list. As always, it’s great to see films shot in the UK. This movie was primarily filmed at an abandoned prison in Gloucester!

And that wraps up August.

But who cares about last month!! It’s all about the now, September will see the release of K-12, Ad Astra, Rambo: Last Blood, IT Chapter Two and so much more. I can’t wait to see where they fall on our Top Ten.

See you next time, be sure to make your week a movie!