‘Gone’ [Short Film] Directed by Emma Sullivan; Starring Jonathan Ajayi, Elliot Edusah and Bekithemba Mpala

Jonathan Ajayi, Elliot Edusah, Bekithemba Mpala and Yolanda Ovide have all attend one of the top five UK drama schools in the world. So their performance in this modern presentation from the classic Lysistrata is definitely a no brainer.

Emma Sullivan brings a male perspective to what looks like a sexual abstinence from the females, and the fellas have no choice but to let out the steam from this repression and reflect.

Ajayi is going to be in the upcoming drama ‘Noughts & Crosses’; which is directed by Koby Adom whilst Edusah is set to appear in war-film ‘1917’.


Director: Emma Sullivan
Writer: Suhayla El Bushra
Producer: A J Quinn
DoP: Ian Liggett
Editor: Agnieszka Liggett


Marlon ~ Jonathan Ajayi
Tay ~ Elliot Edusah
Bem ~ Bekithemba Mpala
Shaun ~ Anthony Taylor
Khadija ~ Yolanda Ovide
Child ~ Jeremiah Arthurs Augustin