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As the time’s approaching for our next Give-Back Session with BAFTA-nominated Babou Ceesay and critically-acclaimed Arnold Oceng we wanted to let you know that even though tickets are £8, you can get discounted tickets of £5.99 by simply becoming a gold member!

The benefits of becoming a gold member include:

  • Having free access to events like this
  • Exclusive casting information (particularly useful for people who want to get more experience onscreen and on stage)
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Last month: BAFTA-Nominated Samson Kayo, Koby Adom and more!

You can become a gold member by clicking HERE and once registered, all you have to do is simply email info@yourcinemafilms.com with the following subject ‘Give-Back Sessions + Your Name’ and you’ll receive confirmation within 24 hrs.


After great feedback from actors at our previous session with Samson Kayo, Koby Adom, Adjani Salmon and Tomisin Adepeju, this Give-Back Session will have a practical element facilitated by Babou and Arnold to help you with the following techniques: acting onscreen, preparing and performing in auditions as well as taking points and direction from directors during filming.

If you want to elevate your career and are ready to be equipped get your ticket HERE

See you on the 26th!