Showreels and training: Exclusive programme for 25 actors! Click here

Being dedicated to showcasing our culture and empowering others to do the same, we’re very pleased to announce the launch of our scheme for the new year called ‘On Track’.

With showreel monologues and scenes often costing between £150-250, ‘On Track’ will see us personally take on board 25 actors and and work with them across 4 weeks to produce work that will add to your portfolio and career as an actor.

Why did we create ‘On Track’?

Showreel scenes are key for securing agents, work and recognition that will push your career forward so we thought we’d bring on board either a casting director, agent and director before shooting to work with you, so your performance and showreel is as good as it can be.

The ‘On Track’ programme will be launched on Friday 13th December and due to the hands-on approach that will take place, only 25 spaces will be available.

For all 4 weeks, the programme will cost £74.99 (including all the sessions, as well as the filming and editing of your scene) but there will be an early bird discount of £59.99 for the first 10 actors who sign up.

If you’re interested in this programme and would like to know more information, please express your interest by registering your email below:

Start the new year right guys! #OnTrack