PAID CASTING CALL: Male & Female actor needed age 25+ for show


Two actors needed for a show

Audition date & location: 25th, 26th & 27th March with recalls on the 28th – location TBC
Tour Performance dates: 12th to 16th May, 28th to 30th May, 14th & 15th June, 1st to 3rd July with more dates TBC

Rehearsal period: 3rd April – 11th May

Payment details: With ACE funding: £11/hour, without £9/hour


Name: Ellie – female identifying – around 25-27 years old
Physical characteristics: North East/North West of England accent; ethnicity, height, hair colour etc non-specific
Description: Confident and cheerful, Ellie is an optimist. She’s incredibly smart, innately kind and loves talking to others.

Name: Martin – male identifying – around 50 years old
Physical characteristics: Caucasian, RP accent, height etc non-specific Description: Nervous and polite, Martin is endearingly awkward and immediately likeable.


Contact details: For more information and to apply, please email with your age, professional portfolio, showreel, rehearsal availability and any other relevant information.