Short Film ‘Mnemosyn’ Kickstarter Campaign

Independent Filmmakers Kashif Boothe and Jeda Cacioli are proud to present their first short film collaboration Mnemosyn. Mnemosyn is a 10 minute sci-fi that challenges the idea of love and partnership. 

Mnemosyn is centered around the marriage of John (Ian Sharp, BulletProof) and Viola (Jeda Cacioli, Murder Files) Brennan. After an accident leaves Viola with Locked-In Syndrome, Viola’s “conscious” is transferred into Mnemosyn, a virtual reality built from her memories. John and Viola are both faced with choices that will change their relationship forever but are blinded by their own sense of righteousness.  

Mnemosyn, essentially a drama at its heart, is enhanced by the sci-fi element of a technology that allows you to watch your memories from a third-person perspective. Under the direction of Marlea Edwards (Tom Ford, BBC) Mnemosyn will take on a retro-futuristic style that will allow the viewer to easily imagine themselves within the Mnemosyn World. Mnemosyn’s style is inspired by films such as A Single Man and Gattaca.  The music of Mnemosyn will be composed by the recipient of the Lord Mayor’s Composition Prize, Leo Geyer.  

The cast includes Ian Sharp (Bullet Proof on Sky, The Marker, Netflix), Jeda Cacioli (Murder Files, CBS), Rebecca Yeo (Strangers, ITV) and Alex Marlow (In The Beginning, Arts Council UK).  

A Kickstarter campaign for the project is currently running and will be ending 17th March, 2020. The campaign will be featured on Film Shortage on their crowdfunding page. There are a range of rewards that will suit all budgets. Rewards range from £5 to £1000 and include Mnemosyne Forever In Memory exclusive merchandise, memory boxes, one of a kind sculpture by Australian Artist Paul Cacioli and two 4 day motorcycle courses!  

For all information concerning Mnemosyn please check out the Kickstarter page!