Our top 4 unique tips on keeping creative! By Anthony Caballero @araycaballero | READ NOW

This article is all about thinking outside the box. On one hand I’m saying, think beyond the walls, floor and ceiling that make up your home. But I’m also saying, think with a new perspective to this current situation. Double entendre tings, I’m on fire today!!!

You’ve probably seen a hundred-and-one articles about how to keep productive during the lockdown and because of this, I can only apologise. Firstly, if you’re here then they clearly didn’t help you; I’m sorry, you wasted your time. Secondly, if you’re looking for a reiteration of other think pieces, this is not that. These are four completely original tips I use to keep that creative flare burning bright.

The ‘To-Do’ List (With A Twist)

If you’re aiming to have a productive day then I recommend starting with a ‘to-do’ list. They are a great way of generating structure to your life and you get a sweet feeling of satisfaction when you tick off an activity. But as I’ve already told you it’s time to think outside the box! A to-do list can be so plain, so one thing I do to add seasoning to my day is give my list to the members of my household. I tell them to write something, anything, and if they’re generous they’ll scribe something which I actually end up enjoying.

Reinventing Your Space

Creativity and imagination go hand-in-hand but sometimes working in the same place can hinder both of these. Now before I tell my secret on combating this problem I want to share the movie scene that inspired me. In Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’, three travellers are voyaging through the lonely vacuum of space, desperately missing Earth. One of the crew members, played by British actor, David Gyasi, is given a trick to deal with the solitude of his claustrophobic confines. He listens to the sounds of crickets chirping and thunder clouds grumbling and experiences the voice of Earth through earphones. You can use this same technique! If you work better in a cafe environment, then why not play the ambient sounds of coffee-break chatter through your speaker? Alternatively, if it’s sounds of the lively outdoors that gets your creativity soaring, then find a similar soundscape. If you didn’t get to travel this month, you can listen to a foreign radio station and still soak in a bit of the culture. As a creative you already have the imagination to immerse yourself.

Try Something New

There is a debate circling the socials about what we should be doing during this quarantine period. Do we have to learn new skills and level up? Or should we just use the time to relax and think about our well-being. In all honesty, I think the answer depends on the individual. All I’m suggesting is that you use the time to try something new. The great thing about trying something is that we don’t have to put pressure on ourselves, we can simply try it out once and move on. The important thing is that we gave it a go. What you do is up to you, you could try new food, cook a new dish, read a new book, or watch a new show. Whatever you choose, you’re broadening your experiences as a creative and who knows what might inspire you.

Your ‘Youday’

Your ‘Youday’ is the most important thing on this list and it’s pretty self-explanatory (get it), it’s a day for yourself. This is a day everybody knows about. You put your Youday on your calendar. You tell your friends about your Youday. You tell your family. You celebrate your Youday. You get people to wish you a happy Youday. It’s at least one day during this period where you treat yourself. You can spend it away from your phone or spend it tirelessly scrolling through memes. You can finish that novel or binge that series, it’s entirely up to… YOU!

And there you have it, four simple tips and tricks to boost your creativity by thinking outside that box. If these help, be sure to let us know, and if you know anyone who is looking for motivation right now, be sure to send them this.