Casting Call: Males & females aged 20-28yrs needed for mockumentary | APPLY NOW


Males and females aged aged 20 yrs and above are needed for ‘Going Viral’ a new short mockumentary about a support group of struggling YouTubers affected by quarantine.


Adam – Age 23-26yrs

Adam’s an aspiring filmmaker documenting a support group of small YouTubers. He hopes to create a captivating documentary that will go viral by showing their struggles and how they’ve been impacted by quarantine.

James Benlim “Jamesthehowtoguy” – Age 23-26

James runs a “How to” channel and displays his desire to help people and show the world who he really is. He does this by giving instructions and knowledge on anything from ‘how to juggle’ to ‘how to tie a tie’. Always the optimist he’s consistently learning new tricks to teach people in hopes of one day gaining views. 

Katy Reed “itsjustkaty” – Age 23-26

Katy’s created a channel where she shows off her love of fashion through her unconventional styles. She struggles with having few subscribers and little to no social media influence. She’s having a hard time coping with the prolonged period of life inside because she can’t go outside to show-off her outfits. 

Dray Reynolds “draytherapidbadger” – Age 23-26

Dray has a gaming channel and he uploads gameplay videos of anything from platformers to horror games. When he first began uploading videos, he was emotionless and devoid of any personality but miraculously during quarantine he’s gained a personality and began uploading regularly!

Marry Watson – Age 25-33

Marry’s the organiser of the support group, which she created out of her passion to help people. She runs the group in her free time when she’s not working her job at a non-profit organisation. 

Rate: No pay (but will receive credit and a copy of the finished project)


Email for details