DIRECT ACCESS Q+A UPDATE: Bookings are now simpler!

Hey guys! It’s a new day and after launching our Direct Access Q+A service a few months ago we wanted to let you know about some ways in which we’d like to make it smoother for you:

1. You now have access to ALL Q+As!:

When we first launched we wanted to make sure that there weren’t any capacity issues but now we’re able to have as many people as we want on our Q+As. This means that you can book ALL the Q+As you’re interested in without worrying whether your space is secure or not!

2. Details of the zoom call will be sent to you TWO days before each Q+A:

We’ve had a slight issue in the past where the details and Q+A links have been sent on the day and entered your spam folder and we want to ensure that you have enough time to find these details.

3. As long as you’re a silver or gold member, you’re space is confirmed!:

Once you’re registered as a silver or gold member, ANY Q+A you register for is confirmed!

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll still receive a ‘Booking error’ email 2 days before if you haven’t registered. However, this should give you enough time to register or confirm any issues with us.


Our latest Q+As are now available to book and because we missed last week, we’re doubling up on Thurs 23rd July with Sean Sagar and Khali Best from Our Girl, Eastenders and of course Blue Story!

You can book your spaces on the latest sessions by following the steps below:


Sign up to become a silver or gold member HERE

Select the session/s you want to attend in the form below (please make sure you enter your email address so we can send you confirmation this week)