We’ve launched a podcast guys! Episode 1: Have you got the heart for your art? @araycaballero @pgodsoncreates | LISTEN NOW

We bring you episode 1 of the Your Cinema podcast! Hosted by our founder Pierre Godson-Amamoo and site editor Anthony Caballero where they’ll be discussing and uncovering various topics and aspects of our culture and industry.

Episode 1 focuses on whether you have the ‘heart for your art’ and they discuss going from having your initial idea to actually getting your work made.

Do you wait for your project to be perfect or do you prefer to put it out and grow along the way?

Let us know!

Pierre Godson-Amamoo: @pgodsoncreates (TW/IG)

Anthony Caballero: @a.gentleman.writes (IG) | @araycaballero (TW)

‘Welcome to Your Cinema’

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