Need help getting your project off the ground? Have an exclusive session acclaimed writer Adjani Salmon! @theadjani @bfinetwork | APPLY NOW

We know it can be hard to get that script or idea from your mind to the screen and while many start projects or have a project pending ‘until someone gives me the money’, the truth is there’s still progress you can make.

There are so many stories and projects we want to see from you all so for 3 creatives who really need some help, guidance, tips and tricks we’ve brought on board Adjani Salmon who 3 years ago was in the same position that many of you are.

After working on his series ‘Dreaming Whilst Black’ and releasing it on Youtube, he didn’t amass millions of views but he did get signed to an agent, have meetings and interest from a number of the major broadcasters as well as working with Netflix and the BBC!

His journey has been one of hard work and perseverance and if you want to find out how you can get over your creative hump and make headway all you need to do is the following:

  • Email us the problem you’re currently having and why you feel speaking with Adjani may help –
  • Let us know your full name, age and an overview of the project you want to get ‘Off The Ground’

The exclusive session will take place on Monday 2nd November at 8.00pm and winners will be notified by Friday 30th October.

We look forward to seeing you get through that creative block! #KeepDreaming