Your Cinema Podcast: Ep.2 – Ft Shaq B. Grant – Networking through read-throughs, acting during COVID & More! @sb_grant1 @pgodsoncreates @araycaballero | LISTEN NOW

We catch up with actor Shaq B. Grant (Enterprice, Gangs of London and more) and he brings us in on the hustle of read-throughs, how the pandemic really affected his career and coming to the realisation of being an actor regardless of validation or accolades from others.

You can listen to ep.1 here:

Shaq B. Grant: @sb_grant (IG) | @sb_grant1 (TW)

Pierre Godson-Amamoo: @pgodsoncreates (TW/IG)

Anthony Caballero: @a.gentleman.writes (IG) | @araycaballero (TW)

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