Casting call: Black males and female needed for short film! | APPLY NOW!

Males and females are need for an upcoming short film, details are below:

Shoot Dates: 17th- 26th Feb 2021

Location: London

Overview: The Snail & The Tortoise – A short film inspired by a Ghanaian proverb.

Abofra bo nnwa na ommo akyekyedee Literally: A child breaks a snail, not a tortoise. “The shell of a snail is easier to break than that of a tortoise. Thus, children should do things that pertain to children and not things that pertain to adults”

The story follows 42 year old recovering addict, Frank who leaves rehab for the first time to visit his sister and his nephews whom he hasn’t seen in years. He struggles to connect with his stubborn teenage nephew Kobby, who confronts him. When Frank refuses to be honest about his past, they come to blows when their harmless boxing practice goes wrong, leaving Frank injured and their relationship in need of repair. 

This film explores the complex familial relationship of a man navigating recovery from addiction.  The story also challenges attitudes to black masculinity and anger as well as the struggle to express emotion and vulnerability. 

The characters being cast are as follows:

Frank, 40-45 years old, slim build.

Frank is a recovering addict, who has been in rehabilitation for several months. He yearns to have a close relationship with his family again, but he fears his nephews will reject him if they find out about his addiction.

Kobby, 16 years old, athletic.

Kobby is a headstrong and confident teenager. His reaction to his uncle’s arrival is less than welcoming, as he struggles to confront his feelings of disappointment, anger and abandonment, which he channels into his passion for boxing.

Cynthia, 40-50 years old.

Cynthia is Frank’s older sister and Kobby & Jerry’s mother. She’s a single mother with traditional values.

Jerry, 9/10 years old, energetic.

Jerry is a happy-go-lucky boy, he looks up to Kobby and wants to be just like him. He is welcoming and loving when his uncle Frank arrives, without question of where he has been in the last few years.

To apply for this project please email ASAP with headshots/images of yourself and links to any of your previous projects (if available).