APPLY NOW: London Film School Bursary worth £1’000s! @lsforguk | APPLY NOW

Now we know access into Film School has felt limited for many people BUT… We wanted to bring your attention to the LFS bursary scheme!

Being one of the most prestigious film schools in the UK, they have a a scheme that provides you with 75% of the cost for studying there!

This bursary is aimed at underrepresented groups who miss out on training and access to the screen industries. The aim is to help increase Inclusion and equality within the UK’s screen industry, particularly from underrepresented groups who, without financial support, would find it challenging to access postgraduate education training.

This support could save you over £40,000 and recent recipient RM Moses has found it soooo useful!

The deadline to begin in June 2021 is February 26th so if you’re seriously considering going to film school please apply by clicking HERE