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Hard to Leave backstories – A hard headed, stubborn T.Bone is coming up in the game. Showing his courage and fearless attitude he starts selling on Eyes Turf, not knowing the consequences that will come with his actions. Hearing of T-bone’s intentions, Eyes issues threats to show what happens when you don’t follow the rules of the streets. He is a complete psychopath and schizophrenic due to the abuse from his father and raised by and Albanian gang. These two hungry players will go at any length to make money. Driven by power and control, both will not stop until they get what they want. This is the beginning of their backstories


Directed by: Isaac Morrison, Daniel Chinsman & Emmanuel Nii Sackey

Executive Producers: Isaac Morrison, Davy Naidoo, Emmanuel Nii Sackey & Daniel Chinsman

DOP: George Jabbie Camera Assistant: Myles Wilkinson-Gayle

Story By: Isaac Morrison Backstories

Written by: Sadiya Rabia, Carlos Brammer, Johnathan Medina, Sharna Kaur Nagra, Nashwah Azam & Isaac Morrison


Starring – Hytham Sempa, Francise Ndhlovu, Lawrence Boateng, Missy Beckley, Sade Lawal, Joseph Kenny Balogun, Kai Zemaal Smith, Romario Lawson, Tarique Bash, Daniel Chinsman, Rachel Asare, Gifty Asare-Darko & Jimi Alli


Partnered With: Hard Threads, Jabbie Productions, Gorilla Mode, Above Media, Britescope Photography