Need emotional or financial support in the industry? The Film & TV Charity’s got you

The Film & TV Charity works behind the scenes of the UK film, TV, and cinema industry, from research to writing, through casting and production, to editing, sales, distribution, and exhibition, supporting the lives of everyone involved. ??

They offer a wide range of practical, emotional and financial support to people who have talent, spark and dedication but yet find obstacles in their way. Here are some of the things they offer completely free:

1. Free legal advice!

They offer free expert legal advice for anyone working behind the scenes in film, TV and cinema via their Live Chat function or by calling 0800 054 0000.

Whether you’re a researcher or a writer, in casting or production, editing or sales, distribution or exhibition, they’re ready to help.

Through the Support Line you can also get advice on the following areas:

Commercial Legal advice

  • Company – Directors’ rules and responsibilities, shareholders’ issues, AGM’s and EGM’s.
  • Commercial – contract disputes, intellectual property, commercial debts and supplier issues.
  • Employment – obligations of the employer and procedures involved with making redundancies and dismissals, dealing with grievances and disciplinary issues, absence, maternity, terms and conditions.
  • European law – EU regulations affect employers and employees in the UK.
  • Tax information – Corporation tax and VAT.

Personal legal advice

  • Family – divorce, separation, children, finances, cohabitees wills and powers of attorney.
  • Consumer – purchase and hiring of goods and services, credit, and holiday problems.
  • Motoring – contesting fines and penalties, legal obligations as a vehicle owner, buying and selling cars, parking tickets, speeding, other offences and penalties.
  • Property – buying, selling and renting property, rights and obligations as a neighbour/tenant.
  • Employment – basic statutory rights as an employee, the disciplinary procedure, TUPE, redundancy and dismissal, illness, misconduct, and health and safety.
  • Personal Injury – sustained at work or in a traffic accident, caused by errors in hospital treatment or sustained by a victim of a crime.
  • Tax information – inheritance tax, issues relating to self-employment, VAT and NI.
  • Immigration – information and guidance (due to regulatory restrictions).

2. Financial support

Finances aren’t always smooth sailing and if you’re suddenly faced with an unexpected shortfall or an urgent crisis, one of their one-off grants could help!

You should be eligible to apply if you work behind the scenes in film and TV, or have done recently. Unfortunately, they’re not able to help front-of-camera talent.

Note: The grants are there to help you manage urgent, immediate financial needs, and must clearly have a significant and positive impact on your career and wellbeing. They’re usually up to £750.

3. Wellbeing support

Sometimes we’re always on the go and don’t realise where we’re burning out (emotional and physically) ? 

The Film & TV Charity have actually put together a wellbeing freelancer hub for you to do a self-check on where you actually are and in 1 minute you can get an honest assessment on where you’re at and immediate steps you can take to put yourself in a better place!

They’ll also be down at Day 1 of Our Stories Festival on August 17th where you can speak DIRECTLY to their team! So make sure you come down and check them out

Remember: Their services are free, completely confidential, and totally independent! For more information visit their site or call their Support Line on 0800 054 0000. ???