MIPCOM: We went to the world’s biggest conference for TV and Film and it was huge!

We’ve just come back from MIPCOM and it was a blast!

What is MIPCOM?

Well MIPCOM is currently the biggest conference of the entertainment industry. It’s where the TV and film world comes to meet, network, and make deals that can shape the future of what you binge-watch on your favourite platforms.

From organisations like Fremantle to ITV Studios to Paramount alongside sessions with global executives including Warnerbros Discovery’s president Gerhard Zeiler and African icon Mo Abudu it was a jam-packed 3 days (we missed the 4th day).

Alongside the latest industry trends that were revealed, we picked up a few key takeaways:

Africa’s a focus:

Many of the leading talks mentioned how Africa’s an increasing focus for them with clear commitments from Canal+, Warnerbros Discovery and Amazon to boost their production and presence in the continent.

‘In Africa there are a million stories that haven’t been told’ – Mo Abudu.

At the Seahub morning session on Day 3; Amazon Studios’ Ned Mitchell was very clear about the commitment Amazon have to the audiences across the continent.

‘Really what we’re trying to do is, do it the right way and do it at the highest quality level so customers have content they can appreciate and the work can stand on its own’

With significant progress being made in recent years, particularly with Jade Osiberu’s Gangs of Lagos being in the top 10 most viewed projects on Amazon across the world, Ned was very clear on the focus to build the streamer’s long-term footprint across the continent.

‘Local first’ content is a thing:

Finding the balance between local and global content has been a tricky one and the reoccurring focus for many of the studios and streamers is now local first content that can be global (think Topboy, Lupin, Money Heist etc.).


On Day 1, CEO of Canal+, Maxime Saada (who also received the renowned Variety Vanguard award) was very clear that local content will continue to be a clear part of their strategy moving forward with an emphasis on identifying which projects can work in other territories.

When you think about it, it’s a great strategy as budgets for local content are much cheaper than high end dramas but if you can sell them in as many terrorises, you’re in the money.

AI-infused reality shows are on their way:

During a ‘Fresh Formats’ presentation during day 2, a number of reality shows were unveiled, including ‘Forever Young’ a show for over 60s who date each other using avatars as well as another show where contestants date 5 versions of the same person and they have to choose the real person! With shows like Deep Fake Love helping to set the trend it seems like broadcasters and streamers are definitely interested in exploring this space more.

Our favourite session:

Media mastermind keynote with Mo Abudu, CEO Ebonylife Media

‘What are the opportunities that Black storytellers are being given around the world?’

Mo Abudu spoke very candidly about the work that still needs to be done for Black shows to be given the same global attention and focus for stories from the diaspora to truly travel.

Given she’s one of the few that have deals with the major streamers and studios (including Netflix, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Westbrook studios and more), she was very frank about the lack of support from other commissioners who weren’t prepared to back more projects from the continent.

’There are ten stories about white women figuring out life… But if there’s one show about four or five Black women, you’re gonna be told by commissioners… “Well there is a show out there right now about 4 Black sisters”… And I’m like so?’

We’re proud to see her honest approach and wonder whether commissioners will genuinely take note for the future?

With over 1,000 exhibitors and 11,000 attendees all in one place, it was definitely the place to be and we look forward to coming back!