NEW TALENT: Meet the two women who took a trip to LA to change their lives!

Last year two filmmakers Stephanie Okereafor & Adesola Akerele took a bet on themselves and used what was left of their savings to book a trip to LA for ‘something’ to happen in their careers.

Over the years they’ve had some success and got some good quality projects under their belt felt but this really felt like a now or never moment for them. Their bold and honest documentary ‘Leap’ shows them on this journey.

After booking their tickets, what they didn’t take into consideration was that they’d actually need money to be in LA (and chasing your dreams ain’t always cheap).

Going over there with no connections but armed with faith and tenacity, they made new friends and connections (cough, cough, Joivan Wade, Avelino & more) whilst uncovering who they were for a truly personal and transformation journey.

If you wanna see how everything panned out, they’re screening the documentary ‘Leap’ at Genesis cinema in London on 30th January and you can get tickets here

Who knows, it may encourage you to take a ‘leap’ too!

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