Have you been sleeping on Akwasi Poku?

There are loads of talented creatives and directors shining right now and there’s one beacon of talent we all should be paying attention to.

Enter Akwasi Poku. Simply put it, he’s a special talent and not one to be overlooked!

Often a long-term collaborator with Grime Kids director Abdou Cisse, they’re both carving out a strong niche for epic cinematic dramatisations of aspects from our culture that we often take for granted. Whether it’s the potency of Ghanaian shito in Lock Off or the therapy Black men can find in their barber in Akwasi latest short ‘The Therapist’, there’s a distinctive style within his projects that brings things up a notch creatively.

There’s this unique blend of of South London, VFX, The Matrix, Melanin and a marketing agency all rolled into one for each of his projects and we love see these ideas come to life!

His work has been featured at a number of Oscar qualifying Film Festivals including Aesthetica and the Pan African Film Festival as well as being supported by BBC Comedy festival and whole host of other organisations, and rightly so.

While his personal projects have been noteworthy and epic, he’s also worked on a number of huge projects including The Kitchen, Black Ops, Black Mirror (S6), Festival of Slaps and more!

Beyond the content:

One thing creatives often overlook is the rollout of the product or content they’ve spent a significant amount of time slaving over and this is one area that Akwasi and Abdou really thrive in. Whether it’s an immersive exhibition, showcasing the confidence seen in a Black man with a trim or creating a custom Nike ID Air Max booth to help Nike sell more Nike IDs, the attention to detail we see the projects he’s involved in is top tier and we feel he’s only getting started.

Last night at the screening for his latest short ‘The Therapist’ (watch here) he shared he’s going full-time freelance and we wish him all the best!

Keep your eyes on him! Boop!