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They’re looking for male and female actors for a play, Burden of Proof

Synopsis: Detective Sergeant Dunderdale is on the brink of solving a bloody murder but is there enough evidence to convict Joseph Wade? Dunderdale is determined to secure a conviction by fair means or foul. After all, isn’t it acceptable to bend the rules a little if the only alternative is for a dangerous killer to walk free?


  • Joseph Wade (Black Male, 25-40 acting age) – Joseph is the target of the police. He may seem intimidating and due to his past criminal records, he does not trust the authorities. He is close with his sister Chelsea but estranged from his brother.
  • Gates (Black Asian or Mixed Race male, 30-45 acting age) – An undercover cop who is encouraged to get close to Chelsea. Smart and Charismatic.
  • Ted Pike / Prosecution (White Male, 25-55 acting age) – (Ted Pike) Criminal informant currently in prison. He is motivated by his own self-interest. (Prosecution) Executes the prosecution’s final argument.
  • Chelsea (Black female, 25-40 acting age) – Chelsea is the devoted sister of Joseph Wade. She is adamant that he is innocent of the crime and is determined to prove it.
  • Ken (White Male, 25-45 acting age) – The father of Simon, one of the young boys who was murdered. He is outspoken and very black-and-white with his opinions. He would be described as old-fashioned in his way of thinking.
  • Julia / Defence (White Female, 35 – 45 acting age) – (Julia) Mother of Simon. She is more meek-mannered than her husband but still old-fashioned. (Defence) Highly professional and leads the defense’s final argument.

Location: Rehearsals in London (South), Performances at The White Bear Theatre

Dates: 21st May to 1st June (Performances), Rehearsals to be confirmed based on availability

Rate: £200 on top of profit share

Interested actors can email for more information.