Casting Call [PAID]: 3 male and 3 female actors needed for a short film!

Synopsis: “Phone” is a portrait of a generation in pain. Set in a hotel by the coast, it tells the story of four siblings on a family holiday whose lives are falling away from one another as they free-fall into the virtual world. This minimalist piece explores our relationship with modern technology, questioning how the most connected generation in history has also become the most anxious, lonely, and depressed. It is an urgent and topical piece that asks people to re-evaluate their priorities in the modern world and take back their attention from the devices that are stealing it.


  • HELEN (24, F) – The eldest sibling. Deeply caring, good-hearted, and mature but left behind by a modern world she can’t keep up with. A care home worker who spends very little time on herself. Lonely and longing for connection.
  • REECE (19, M) – Having worked as a bellboy in a hotel his whole life, his world is small and limited. Since his Dad died, with nowhere else to go and no one close to talk to, he has wandered the hotel corridors seeking purpose and connection. Extraordinarily quirky and often (unintentionally) funny.
  • SARA (22, F) – An investigative journalist who is sharp, intelligent, and highly observant. Her intellect, however, is unable to steady her declining mental health as her relationship falls apart and her worldview is shattered.
  • ISSY (17, F) – Her natural charisma hides an exhausted inner self. Her relentless phone and social media use is slowly draining her life from her. Popular, social, fun but wounded, anxious, and afraid.
  • LUKE (15, M) – The youngest child. A teenager stuck in infancy. Brought up in front of a screen, he lacks proper social or life skills. Finds refuge in the games he is addicted to. Secretly desperate for guidance and leadership from the siblings he cannot connect with. Sweet, lonely, awkward, frightened.
  • HARVEY (22, M) – A children’s publisher whose sharp wit and confidence cover his inner anxiety. Talks the talk but can’t walk the walk. His inability to ‘adult’ is corroding his relationships.


  • Location: London and Banstead
  • Audition Process: First stage will be a self-tape followed by a round of in-person auditions. Deadline for auditions is the 20th of May.
  • Performance Dates: Three-night run at the Courtyard Theatre from the 7th – 9th November. Rehearsal dates are TBC but will take place in London in late September/October.
  • Compensation: Open book profit share. Food and transport will be provided.

If you are interested, please apply via this link.