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Haha! Enterprice: Kazim Has 4 Questions For Jeremiah’s New Girlfriend | Written by Kayode Ewumi

Jeremiah has romantic plans; he is going on a date with Layla – a school teacher the boys delivered notebooks to the week before. Kazim is not happy with either of them dating their clientele, but Jerry seems sure it is going to be super relaxed.

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Enterprice Star Trieve Blackwood-Cambridge on How He Got The Role & Booking His First Netflix Job!

Co-star of Kayode Ewumi’s amazing show ‘Eneterprice’, Trieve Campbell-Blackwood discusses how he got the role of Jeremiah and what it was like booking his first Netflix show!

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The Differences in House Prices Now and 20 Years Ago…

Luisa Omielan takes a look at the housing crisis. Why is it so many people can’t afford to buy a home, even when working full time? She talks to two generations in the same family on how they bought a property.

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