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Box-office: We’ve got a new winner! Gerard Butler didn’t come to play!

What a weekend!!! You good? Your legs all right? What about your back? Carnival was a madness!! I mean… so I’ve heard, I’m well behaved so I wouldn’t know anything about that. What I do know is that the streets were filled with joy. This vibe found itself everywhere, to the afterparties, the BBQs and […]

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Box-Office Report: Hobbs & Shaw Vs Lion King… #KingOfTheBoxOffice

Welcome back people! I will address the lion in the room very soon, but first I want you to picture this: It’s 2001… “My life will never be the same…” That’s Michael Jackson’s voice playing from a radio somewhere in the house. You’re feeling great and why wouldn’t you be, you’ve spent the day laughing […]

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Lion King grossed £36 Mil in 2 weeks?!! Here’s our Full UK Box-office Report!

 A Flaming Hot Week For Film & The Lion Is King of The Top Spot UK Top Ten Box Office Sales | 26th – 28th July  38 degress! Thirty-eight degress! I was sweating! My ice-cream was sweating, five minutes after purchase it was like milkshake in a cone. Do you know who stayed cool? Those […]

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