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Box-office: We’ve got a new winner! Gerard Butler didn’t come to play!

What a weekend!!! You good? Your legs all right? What about your back? Carnival was a madness!! I mean… so I’ve heard, I’m well behaved so I wouldn’t know anything about that. What I do know is that the streets were filled with joy. This vibe found itself everywhere, to the afterparties, the BBQs and […]

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‘Black Panther’ Tops ‘Jurassic World’ | And Is Officially The ‘Fourth-Highest’ Grossing Movie Of ALL TIME

Black Panther leads the domestic box office in the US, and is only topped by Titanic, Avatar and Star Wars: The Force Awakens on the all time highest grossing list. China has been the top International market for Black Panther so far with $105 million, followed by UK with $62 million and South Korea with […]

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Black Panther Grosses 17 million in it’s first week! UK Top Ten Box-Office Sales | 16th – 18th Feb

Welcome back to the Your Cinema UK Box-office sales report, where we take a closer look at the films that are defining our industry at the moment as well as who’s really raking in the big bucks! The numbers do not lie people, here’s this weeks Top Ten: 1. Black Panther, £17,700,000 from 585 sites […]

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