Must Watch: From Guns To God | Britain’s Forgotten Men [Ep.4]

In the series finale, Jimmy is preparing for another shot at the big time, back on the bill at Manchester Arena with his career on the line. The Moston boys have worked out how to get a girlfriend and Jack reveals the truth about his rehabilitation from a life of crime.

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Crime & Poverty In Manchester: Britain’s Forgotten Men

In the second episode of four in this series, we are at Joanne’s house, where we see her doing her best to look out for the kids on her estate, but even she’s struggling to keep them out of trouble.

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Growing Up White & Working Class | Britain’s Forgotten Men [Documentary]

Britain’s Forgotten Men is the BAFTA nominated docu-series which follows the lives of white working class men in Manchester who are statistically some of the most disadvantaged people in Britain.

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