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“I Wanted to Show A Side of Freddie Mercury When the Cameras are Off.” – David Avery on His Role As Freddie Mercury in ‘Urban Myths’ III

David Avery has had a very interested career post-Brothers With No Game in 2013. Apart from being one of the supporting actors in Guz Khan’s ‘Man Like Mobeen’ Avery is also playing QUEEN singer Freddie Mercury in the third series of ‘Urban Myths’. Both him and Tom Connor head down to BUILD London to discuss […]

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Been So Long Starring Michaela Coel & Arinze Kene

The official trailer of one of Britain’s musicals has finally been released last night, starring Michaela Coel, and Arinze Kene, with Ronke Adekoluejo and George Mackay co-star. Directed by Tinge Krishnan, “Been So Long” follows a modern romance between a man and a woman, an adaptation of a play brought to life via Netflix. Set to have a […]

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