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UK Web-Series: Imperfect – Ep.3 ‘The Dinner Party’

Kashif Boothe’s web-series ‘Imperfect’ continues with episode 3 tonight! Sam hosts a dinner party, a comment is made which makes Jason begin to question if Sam really wants to be with him.

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The Circle: Ep.3 – Directors and Filmmakers – Dedicated to Victor Adebodun

Hosted by the British Blacklist’s Akua Gyamfi, this episode focuses on established and new talent in directing and filmmaking. We discuss representation, working with big budgets, film school, the importance of being a polymath and more. Participants: Andy Mundy-Castle Sheila Nortley Quason Matthews Victor Adebodun Jaha Browne Robbie Samuels

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Dreaming Whilst Black – Episode 3: Broke AF

  Our favourite webseries of the moment is back with episode 3! The series follows Kwabena, a young, passionate, yet naive filmmaker, who struggles to navigate between his dreams and reality. After hitting a new low of doing the most demoralising job on set, Kwabena meets up with his non-film friends who are financially doing […]

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