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‘Flats and Trainers’ [Short Film] by Ethosheia Hylton & Written by Nathaniel Bertram

Consider ‘Flats and Trainers’ directed by Ethosheia Hylton as a quick short that was shot entirely via iPhone, and it differentiates from the common narrative when it comes to relationships and children. Things between the two parties begin to escalate with both emotions and themes, ending on a straight sad note. Have a watch now.

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‘Dark Red’ [Branded Short Film] by Eugen Merher; Starring Ethosheia Hylton and Jeremiah Waysome

Eugen Merher presents a very particular topic in the metaphoric symbolism in terms of a Black vampire, who grows more dependent on human blood than ever before. Lamar (Jeremiah Waysome) plays the lead of a young teen who records a very heartfelt audio letter to his mother Karissa (Ethosheia Hylton) in the most heartfelt ways […]

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